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Ing. Michal Rigan

“I grew up in the winegrowing and winemaking environment. My grandpa was very pedantic and taught me to approach work differently than today’s generation does. I extended my qualification at the Secondary School  of Viticulture and Pomiculture in Modra. After graduation, I continued studying at the Mendel University in Brno, subject of gardening. Then I worked in viticulture and winemaking but now, I am fully committed to ViaJur. I made a tribute to my roots and beginnings but above all, to my greatest teacher in the form of wine called DEDO (Slovak for Grandpa). I don’t see myself as a person who thinks he can command the nature what to do. I make wine using my feelings and intuition and I only want to give the wine what it really needs and when it really needs it.”

Miroslav Balla

“My path as a sommelier started at the secondary school when I was 18. It was then and there where I first encountered wine. Later, I worked in a well-known Slovak wine business near Modra. I acquired more experience while working for the largest wine distributor in the Slovak HoReCa segment. And from there, my path led me to Selaví wine distribution where I work as Business Director and simultaneously as chief sommelier. I regard myself as a wine lover and I am proud if people label me as a sommelier. However, this is not an easy job: You don’t only need commitment, but you also need to be aware that it is not an employment, it’s a lifestyle. If it was only a job, it would take 8 hours a day, but I perceive it as an integral part of my life.”



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